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Like a stellar collision, Rockstage Productions was created through the collaboration of Paloma Horta and Mauricio Ramires. Rockstage has landed in the of Luxury Events Market with a Bang and a mission to offer its clients truly unforgettable and unique experiences.

aloma Horta, MBA in Marketing from University of California, honed her customer service and production skills in High End Lifestyle Management whilst working in London and Brazil for the world renowned concierge company Quintessentially. She has managed events in Australia, England, France, Spain and Brazil.

Mauricio Ramires, was the creative force behind “La Fiesta”, an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that would regularly attract over two thousand people a month, each event taking place in striking and unusual locations. From then on Ramires applied his production skills to larger scale events for Corporations, private weddings and birthdays. In 2012 Ramires was hired by the Black Eyed Peas to organize and produce nine post-concert parties in nine different Brazilian cities, a breathtaking event marathon that lasted 21 days.

“The current pace of technology advancement has brought incredible new possibilities to the world of Luxury Event Management & Production. Today it is possible to realize the dreams of our clients by producing highly sophisticated cinematic, musical and gastronomic events with greater attention to detail. However we at Rockstage Productions want to achieve far more."We aim to dazzle our guests by taking their breath away and in so doing offer magical unforgettable experiences”, says Paloma Horta. “I see each event as a dream come true for my clients: their job is to dream, our mission is to make it a reality”, says, Ramires.

Stylish, inspirational, intelligent, outstanding, committed.

The most remarkable experiences, accomplished with responsibility, excellence and commitment


Rockstage Productions has everything you and your company need to build special moments.

• Weddings
• Birthday Parties
• Fraternization Parties 
• Debutante Balls
• Graduations
• Launch Parties
• Fairs and Stands
• Christmas and  New Years Eve parties
• Presentations
• Marketing of events
• Cocktails
• Concierge






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Telefone: (031) 98644-2661

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